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Unhelpful Google results are often the sign of a business opportunity. I started One Day One Job because I was frustrated with the junk that turned up when I’d search things like “entry level jobs” (there’s still a lot of junk out there, but I’m doing my best to bring more quality to the results). Though I’ve never researched leasing an office, I hear that doing so is even more frustrating than looking for a job online. (I just searched for an office in my neighborhood, and the #1 result looks like it’s from 1995.) 42Floors is a company that wants to finally bring the $25 billion office space/commercial real estate market online in a proper way. They’re based in San Francisco, CA, which couldn’t be a better place for this kind of business to get its start (the Bay Area is the only market they cover right now).

Going Up!

42Floors is what is known as an aggregator. They pull information from all across the web, organize it, and give it a pretty interface that makes it easy to use. This sounds simple, but it’s a really tough technical problem. So far I’m really impressed with the 42Floors’ product, but I think it will get even better as real estate agents start listing directly on their site (this will encourage better postings with more information). What I also like is that 42Floors has a showroom section of their site where you can look at furniture, services, decor, and pretty much anything else that you’d want to look at when you’re getting a new office.

I really like what 42Floors is doing. They’ve seen what companies like Zillow and Redfin have done in residential real estate, and they think that they can do the same for office space. If they can, they’re going to win big. They’re going all out, which explains their interesting approach to recruiting talent. While they may not have offered any “internships” yet, the guy that they wrote about was a Sophomore in college. Age doesn’t matter at 42Floors, so if you think that you can add something to what they’re doing, reach out to them and let them know.

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