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A lot of companies that we feature are doing something innovative–they’re changing the way things work, and that can provide an amazing learning opportunity for a college student. But sometimes you can learn more from companies that do it the old fashioned way. I hate to say negative things about a company, but when I see the stuff that AmeriMark sells, I think thrift store. They position themselves as offering “a vast selection of quality, value-priced, brand-name merchandise,” so it’s really not far off. They sell “women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and health-related merchandise” along with a lot of As Seen on TV products. Maybe I’m wrong, but this stuff doesn’t sell itself (though they do seem to put a really strong emphasis on quality). And that’s why I think Middleburg Heights, OH (Cleveland) based AmeriMark is so interesting. They know how to sell this stuff. They’ve been doing it since 1969, and they’ve used the same approach across both new and old mediums.

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AmeriMark’s sales channels include catalogs, web, newspaper inserts, telemarketing, and direct mail. Their catalog titles include “Anthony Richards, Beauty Boutique, Complements by Anthony Richards, Essentials by Anthony Richards, Healthy Living, Time for Me, FeelGood Store, and Windsor Collection.” As far as I can tell, AmeriMark doesn’t make anything of their own–they just sell products they’ve selected to suit the tastes of their millions of customers. In addition to the products, they sell “continuity programs” in areas “ranging from opportunities to save money on name brand products and services” to “protection against identity theft.” Once again, it’s not stuff that I would buy, but there are people out there who want it, and AmeriMark knows how to communicate with them. If you think that you could learn a lot at Amerimark, check out their Internships page. Right now they’re looking for an E-Commerce Intern. They don’t mention whether it’s paid or not, but it looks like it could be really interesting. AmeriMark has also offered internships in HR, Marketing, Merchandising, and a number of other areas.

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