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I constantly get asked where I find all of the companies that I write about. The short answer is everywhere. But one of my favorite sources is you. You may be running short on ideas right now (that’s why you signed up for my e-mails), but things will change. You’ll get an internship, and hopefully you’ll report back where. That’s what one reader did, which is why I know about Ampush. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that helps “advertisers leverage the scale and precision of the Facebook media platform to develop and engage their customer graph.” Facebook’s advertising options are amazingly powerful, but only if you know how to use them. I’ve toyed with buying ads, and it has never been ROI positive for me. Ampush combines knowhow with technology to helps make sure that their investment in Facebook advertising is worthwhile.

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Ampush works with a lot of big names–Kraft, BP, RadioShack, Walgreens, and Samsung are just a few. But AppSumo is the one that really stood out to me. It’s a company that is run by one of the smartest marketers that I’ve ever met, Noah Kagan. If Noah and AppSumo are using Ampush, then it has to be a fantastic product. (I should also note that I often click on AppSumo’s Facebook ads and buy stuff, so the platform is working on me.) Unless you’re using Facebook ads in your job search, you’re probably not familiar with how Facebook ads work. While you should probably do a little research into that first, you’ll also want to read up on how Ampush does what they do. If it sounds exciting, take a look at their Careers page. They don’t have any internships posted right now, but here’s a bizarre video their 2012 interns made and they have two positions “on hold”: Summer Engineering Intern and QA Intern. I’m sure there are other potential opportunities as well, so do some investigating.

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