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I’m always surprised by how many young people are skeptical of software based businesses. It’s as if they think that every company that builds software is some social network on top of a social network out of Ryan Howard’s (from The Office) playbook. (Maybe it’s because that’s the kind of software most young people use.) Social networking stuff may get all of the buzz, but I get really excited about the businesses that use new technology to solve old, unsexy problems. Take property management for example. Most people don’t even know what that really means, but if you’re a property manager, you spend a lot of time on routine tasks. How much time and money could you save by automating and streamlining your processes? A lot. That’s why AppFolio was started. They’re a Goleta, CA (Santa Barbara) based company that creates “easy-to-use, web-based software that helps small and mid-sized businesses improve their workflow so they save time and make more money.”

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AppFolio’s flagship product is called Property Manager. It’s absolutely loaded with features that solve specific problems like collecting rent, attracting new residents, or ratio utility billing. Additionally, AppFolio offers two other products: SecureDocs for secure document sharing and RentApp, which enables free, paperless rental applications. Most people will never hear of AppFolio, and that’s fine by them. As long as the people who will benefit the most from their software know who they are, they’ll continue to build a very successful business. If you want to be a part of that, take a look at AppFolio’s Careers page. They mention interns generally, and then they have a posting for a paid Software Engineering Internship. They don’t mention other positions, but I’m pretty sure that they also take interns in non-tech positions.

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