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by on August 16, 2009

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Despite coming from an extremely artistically inclined family, I’m just not all that into art. Going to museums isn’t my thing, and art books don’t do it for me; however, I always have an appreciation for a random work of art—something completely unexpected. Whether it be something like the Chicago’s Micro-Fiber Militia (a group of Crochet Graffiti Artists) or New York City’s Art in Odd Places, a non-profit organization that “aims to stretch the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations.” By presenting works of art in odd places, not only is the artist able to make a stronger statement, but individuals (like me) who don’t typically seek out art will have the opportunity to enjoy the creativity of others.

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The places aren’t the only thing that is odd when it comes to Art in Odd Places—some of the art is quite odd too. Last year they exhibited works such as Road Kill Stuffed Animals (“Mutilated stuffed animals soaked in dirty water are placed at 14th Street locations”), 14th Street Gold (“Garbage found along 14th Street is painted gold with the goal of transforming all the street refuse in a given day into a precious object”), and my least favorite Free Books (“A box of books labeled “Free Books” is deposited at various 14th Street locations. A seeming act of generosity, the artist has removed the last few pages from each book. The alteration will only become apparent to the reader after he or she has nearly finished the book, converting the cast-off into a statement of art”). I think that last one is just downright rude! Still, Art in Odd Places is doing some pretty cool things, and you have a chance to be a part of it. They recently posted an unpaid internship on Idealist. They don’t have an office, so you’ll have to work from home, and you’ll be expected to commit to two months of work. If you’re intrigued by Art in Odd Places, send a cover letter with resume to

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