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by on June 23, 2012

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Last night I got back from fishing and the kid in the room next to me at the lodge told me that he saw a wolf on the side of the road. I assumed he was full of it and that it was just a coyote, but I looked it up and there are wolves in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Usually we hear about how we’re losing species and biodiversity is diminishing, but there are some success stories. Biodiversity Project is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL that is pushing for more of those successes. They do this by “building creative communications campaigns to protect North America’s most precious land and water resources.”

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Biodiversity Project is very much an advocacy focused organization. It’s about “meaningfully engaging people and empowering them to act by making the connection between the environment, their daily lives and their basic values.” Biodiversity Project’s current work includes Great Lakes Forever, Mississippi River Network, Chicago Wilderness, and more. The organization’s work on these projects is typically in the areas of Communications Strategy, Coalition Management, Public Education and Outreach Campaigns, Public Opinion Research, Organizational Capacity Building, and Stormwater Education Outreach. If this sounds like the kind of stuff that you’d like to work on, check out Biodiversity Project’s internships on Idealist. Right now they’re looking for an unpaid

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