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by on August 5, 2013

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I remember when social media was a great way for upstarts to get a lot of attention. It wasn’t that long ago, and it’s still possible, but we’re already at the point where big brands dominate social. Why did this happen so quickly? Because brands can afford to throw big bucks at expensive agencies to do social for them. One of these agencies is BLITZ, a Santa Monica, CA based company that makes “brands Favorites by building digital ecosystems that result in durable connections between brands and consumers.” And when they say brands, they mean BRANDS. We’re talking Nike, Dell, Adobe, Starbucks, Red Bull, Disney, Microsoft, and lots more.

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While BLITZ is a full-service digital agency, they’re putting a huge emphasis on social (and rightly so). You can see it in their work, and you can even watch a video with their highlights from 2011 and browse through a few case studies. You may notice a theme, as BLITZ’s Expertise is in creating and fostering relationships between brands and their customers. They do this with a continuous four step process that starts with Strategy & Awareness Planning, continues with Connected Experiences, follows with Insights & Optimization, and starts over again with Product Development. If all that doesn’t tell you enough about them, then take a look at Life @ BLITZ in 59 Seconds. That should be enough to convince you to look at BLITZ’s Internships postings. Right now they’re looking for interns in Brand Communications, Graphic Design, Search, Social Outreach, Strategic Planning, and Multimedia. They don’t seem to mention compensation.

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