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by on August 6, 2013

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When I proposed to Amy, I had no doubt that she was going to say yes–even if I did it with a Ring Pop. Still, I thought it was only right to follow tradition and plunk down a bunch of money on a diamond. While some people see such an expenditure as wasteful, others just don’t like what a diamond means. They want a more socially conscious option. The good new for those people is that ethically produced diamonds do exist, and Brilliant Earth is a company that is hoping to make them the norm. Brilliant Earth is based in San Francisco, CA, and they are “the leading supplier of conflict free diamond jewelry.” It all started with two Stanford students, one of whom was about to get engaged. She wanted a ring that represented her values but was still something that she wanted to wear for the rest of her life. She and her fiancé struggled to find what they were looking for, and as a result Brilliant Earth was started to make the process easier for other couples looking for the same thing.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

While I bought Amy’s ring from a jeweler who was referred to me by a friend, I spent a lot of time on sites like Blue Nile. Brilliant Earth’s website looks a lot like many other jewelry sites. What’s different is the underlying business. It’s entirely built on the idea of “cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry.” That means going further than ensuring a clean supply chain–it means building local economies, giving back 5% of all profits, and becoming a leading voice in the push to transform the ethics behind jewelry business. If they can offer high-quality, great looking pieces at a competitive price (their prices looked pretty decent to me), all while ensuring that they’re ethically produced, Brilliant Earth is going build a really strong market position. Someone in HR from Brilliant Earth actually reached out and asked to be featured on One Day One Job. She didn’t mention internships (and they don’t have any posted right now), but I know they’ve had interns in the past. Reach out to and see what’s possible.

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