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Sometimes a sign is the best marketing. It all started with paintings in caves and piles of rocks placed on trails, and we really haven’t moved too far beyond that. Yes, there has been some innovation in signs (video for instance), but many of the signs that are the most effective at grabbing people’s attention are pretty simple–just look at Burma-Shave or South of the Border. One of the most memorable signs that I’ve driven by is hand painted on rotting wood by some near Syracuse, NY. It ain’t pretty, but it gets its message across. Still, I don’t recommend that you follow that guy’s style guide. Instead you may want to check out BuildASign. They’re an Austin, TX based company that “has reinvented the way people buy signs” by offering an easy online interface for designing a sign and the ability to produce and ship finished products in days or even overnight.

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While BuildASign’s name may indicate otherwise, they actually offer more than just custom signs. You can also get magnets, banners, license plates, sign accessories, and a whole lot more. BuildASign has some pretty neat facts about signs on their About page:

  • Signage is the least expensive form of advertising – and the most effective of all forms of advertising. (US Small Business Administration)
  • Signage alone is responsible for attracting up to 50% of a business’ new customers. (US Small Business Administration)
  • People notice vehicle signage. According to the American Trucking Association, 91% of individuals surveyed reported noticing and recalling the advertising messages on vehicles, 75% reported developing an impression of the company based on signage graphics, and 29% said they’d base a buying decision on these impressions.

If you’re excited about signs (and I don’t mean of alien life) and e-commerce, take a look at BuildASign’s Internships page. They have some awesome paid opportunities including:

The pay for all of these is great, and the experience looks even better. These are top notch internships, so jump on them ASAP.

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