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by on June 29, 2013

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I was the kid who couldn’t finish the mile run in elementary school. I had a semi-legitimate excuse in that I had asthma, but even now that my lungs are healthy, I still hate running. But I know for many people running makes them feel more alive. It’s an empowering sport that is accessible to almost everyone, and it’s pretty much cost free. Chicago Run is a non-profit that uses running to achieve its mission of promoting “the health and wellness of Chicago children through innovative, engaging, and sustainable youth programs.” Chicago Run already reaches more than 16,000 children in Chicago public schools, and that’s in less than 6 years of operation.

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87% of the students that Chicago Run works with “qualify for the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program.” This is a population that is especially susceptible to childhood obesity, and that’s why the organization is working to get them on the run. They do this through two programs: Chicago Runners (gets elementary school kids running for 15 minutes a day during school) and Running Mates (prepares middle schoolers to run in races). Chicago Run also puts on and participates in quite a few events like major city races. If you’d like to get involved with Chicago Run, visit their Careers page. They don’t have any internships posted right now, but I know that they’ve offered internships in the past. Additionally, there’s a Half-Time Coaching position that could potentially be an internship alternative.

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