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I’ve been pretty lazy in terms of fashion lately. It’s been ridiculously hot in Chicago, and I have no interest in wearing anything but shorts and a t-shirt. I can get away with it because I usually work from home, but if I didn’t I might go to Chictopia for inspiration. I know Chictopia, which is based in San Francisco, CA, sounds like a place that a 14 year old boy circa 1992 would dream of, but it’s actually “the ultimate online destination for trendsetters to be inspired, socialize, and share in fashion.” It’s certainly targeted more towards women than men, but they do have stuff for the guys (it’s chic as is in “sheek” not “chick,” I think). The end goal is to “democratize fashion by giving everyone a voice.”

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The Chictopia site is pretty simple. You can post a look, and people can vote, favorite, and comment on it. You can also follow other users to see what they recommend. The site claims more than 250,000 members, so there’s a ton of content and something for every style (except maybe my current one). Chictopia users can also buy and sell stuff on the site. There’s some sort of “seller subscription” that I can’t find many details on, but I’m assuming it’s a revenue source. Additionally, there’s a decent amount of advertising on the site, which is a pretty reasonable way to monetize a fashion community. The company still seems to be really small, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of growth in the near future. Their Jobs page doesn’t list any internships right now, but I was able to find a paid Marketing Internship with a little searching. Check it out.

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