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by on August 15, 2012

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For some people planning a vacation is better than going on a vacation. I wouldn’t go quite that far–especially because not having a plan can lead you to some pretty awesome things–but I like having control over what I do when I go on a trip. Others have a completely different approach. They want everything planned for them. They’re the kind of people who go on a trip with Collette Vacations, which is a Pawtucket, RI based company that offers “more than 150 expertly designed, escorted tours spanning 50-plus countries on all seven continents.” Collette Vacations was founded in 1918 and is still family owned and committed to creating “extraordinary travel experiences that fulfill the vacation dreams” of their clients.

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There is zero doubt that the Internet has had a massive impact on travel. Everything that I do to plan a trip happens online–even contacting friends to get recommendations. The travel agency as it once existed is long gone, and any other business that wants to profit from your travel has to offer a significant value add. Collette Vacations is all about adding value. Their “escorted tours are crafted to provide enriching cultural experiences, classic sightseeing, many included meals, and centrally-located accommodations that reflect the of the destination.” Beyond taking care of all of the planning and execution, Collette Vacations is also able to offer great deals through bundling. It’s not for everyone (and definitely not me), but it’s perfect for many travelers–Collette Vacations has a 98% approval rating from customers. If you’re dying to work in the travel industry, take a look at Collette Vacations’ Careers page. Right now they have some great internship opportunities:

They don’t seem to mention whether the positions are paid or not, but they’ve been named a Best Place to Work by Providences Business News for the last two years, so keep that in mind.

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