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Let’s be honest. Your social media streams aren’t worth much. They may be valuable to your close friends and family (who aren’t even paying to access them), but they’re really just a way for big companies to collect information on you so that they can show you slightly more targeted advertising. It’s a little depressing, but there’s hope. Your social media activity may have an effect on big decisions if the people at Dataminr get their way. They’re a New York, NY based company that is transforming “social media streams into actionable signals for clients in the financial and government sectors.” The goal is to provide “one of the earliest warning systems for market-relevant information, noteworthy events and emerging trends.” You sill won’t be special in the eyes of Dataminr and their clients, but at least you’ll be part of something a little more meaningful than advertising.

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Sentiment analysis is a big buzzword these days. It basically means collecting a ton of “natural language” data (like tweets or status updates) and processing it in a way that determines the overall meaning of the statement. This can be useful for brands who want to monitor how people feel about them, or it can even tell you about the emotional state of an entire city. What Dataminr is doing goes deeper. They’re reading between the lines and trying to glean actionable information from the “firehose” of social data. The key here is that the analysis happens almost instantaneously–Dataminr is focused on identifying events before they hit major press channels. I imagine that most of their clients are pretty secretive about how they use the data, so we’re not likely to see any case studies. But if companies in finance are using Dataminr, there’s a good chance that they’ve found a way to make it profitable. If this sounds super interesting to you, then check out Dataminr’s Internships page. Right now they’re looking for a QA/Business Intern. The position pays a small stipend and looks pretty cool.

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