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This morning I was about to buy something but changed my mind because the checkout process was too annoying. While I probably shouldn’t be so lazy, that should never happen. E-commerce software is a solved problem. Why would a retailer invest in building their own proprietary site when they can license it from a provider like Demandware? They’re a Burlington, MA based company that offers an “enterprise-class cloud commerce platform” that powers “more than 150 retail brands across more than 575 sites around the globe.” If you regularly buy stuff online, you’ve almost certainly come into contact with Demandware’s platform. You probably had no idea, and that’s just how Demandware wants it.

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Demandware’s client page is pretty darn impressive. They work with names like Brooks Brothers, Kiehl’s Burton, Godiva, Lacoste, Kate Spade, Panasonic, Tory Burch and Ugg. That means that these brands can stay focused on their core business (making and marketing great stuff) and leave the technology to Demandware. If you’d like to learn more about the technology, you can read up on Demandware’s Product offerings. You should also check out their Resources page that includes a case study on their work with Brooks Brothers. If you like what you see, head over to Demandware’s Careers page. Right now there are a few great opportunities worth checking out including internships in Retail Practice, Product Marketing, Investor Relations, Education Coordinator, and Business Analyst / VBA Development. Some of these look more like jobs and some look more like internships, which is a bit confusing. There’s no word on whether any of the intern positions are paid.

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