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I’m the first person to admit that I’m not the best about energy efficiency. I may turn off the lights when I leave the house, but I still drive an SUV and use incandescent bulbs. I need someone to make it easy for me, and luckily more and more utilities are starting to do that. It’s a little odd that a company that sells you something wants you to use less, but that’s what’s happening. One of the best ways for utility companies to help their customers reduce energy consumption is through web-based software. It would be silly for every utility company to create their own custom software, which is why EnergySavvy exists. They’re a Seattle, WA based company that provides utilities with software that enables them “to engage with their customers, keep track of their data and optimize their operations.”

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EnergySavvy’s consumer facing software is called Optix Engage–it’s an online energy audit “that actually works.” EnergySavvy also offers internal (to the utility) tools that include Optix Manage, Optix Partner, Optix Portfolio, and Optix API. While the end goal of EnergySavvy’s solutions is energy efficiency, it’s impossible to get there without “customer engagement, education and satisfaction”–so that’s one of their main focuses. To get a sense of what EnergySavvy’s software looks like in action, take a look at their case studies. If it looks like the kind of work that you want to be a part of, take a look at EnergySavvy’s Internships page. Right now they’re looking for interns in Software Engineering and Marketing. The Software position is definitely paid, and they don’t say about the marketing position.

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