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by on November 28, 2008

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Happy Black Friday! May you not get in a fist fight over a discounted video game system or flat screen tv. Today is the official start of the holiday shopping season, and legend has it that it is also the first day of the year that major retailers “go into the black.” For those of you not familiar with accounting terminology, that means that they finally become profitable. Whether or not this is true depends on the retailer, but you have to wonder why a store wouldn’t just open up for November and December and sit dormant the rest of the year if it’s really that bad. Today, instead of looking at jobs in retail, we’re going to go the other way and look at a major accounting firm, Ernst & Young. They might not be the first company that you think of on Black Friday, but you can be sure that they spend a lot of time analyzing the results. And, of course, they hire a ton of interns.

Get a Paid Internship and Put Yourself into the Black

Ernst & Young is one of the biggest entry level and intern employers in the world, and even they’re cutting back a little due to economic concerns. Still, between interns and full-time hires they’re looking to hire 5,000 students through college recruiting. That’s astounding. Ernst & Young has a fantastic Careers site with a specific section for students. It’s full of information, so you won’t have trouble researching Ernst & Young. Beyond their own Careers site, EY has also invested a lot of time in making the most of Facebook and Twitter. They really couldn’t do a much better job of keeping internship seekers well informed, that’s why we encourage you to go to their site to learn more.

One thing that you won’t notice on Ernst & Young’s Careers Site for Students is internship listings. That’s because they don’t have them. A few months ago I had a phone conversation with Dan Black (what a fitting name for today), EY’s Director of Campus Recruiting, and I told him that I couldn’t find the job/internship listings on EY’s Students site. He told me that this was by design. Ernst & Young has specific academic requirements for incoming interns, so they almost exclusively hire through on-campus recruiting at school’s that offer the type of Accounting education that EY is looking for.

Ernst & Young has locations in almost every state and in countries all across the world. If you want to see if they have a location near where you’d like to live, use their interactive map to check. So what should you do to get an internship with Ernst & Young if you can’t apply online? The recommended plan of action is to go to your Career Services office and ask about when EY will be on campus. If that doesn’t work for you, you may want to try reaching out to EY’s college recruiting team through Twitter or Facebook. Ernst & Young pays their interns wel, so go shopping and help the economy, but save some money for our soon to be released job search training course.

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