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I’m getting married in Chicago next year. It’s going to be a pretty big wedding, and Chicago is surprisingly short on non-hotel venues that can handle our numbers. With the help of our wedding planner we visited a bunch of venues and finally chose one that is going to be great. Then we had to do the same thing for the rehearsal dinner. The trouble is that it’s extremely hard to figure out which venues are possibilities. Had I know about Eventup, it would have been a lot easier to get an idea of what’s out there. They are a Santa Monica, CA based startup (with a sales office in Chicago, IL) that offers a “marketplace that connects people who are looking to find and book the perfect venue for their event with venue owners who are looking to rent out their space.” It’s surprising that there isn’t already an established player in this space, but Eventup seems ready to fill the void.

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An event space is the type of business that has a ton to gain from online marketing. They typically have high fixed costs and low marginal costs. It’s well worth paying Eventup the 15% booking fee instead of letting the space go empty. There’s no upfront cost or risk to post on Eventup–they even offer a $1,000,000 insurance policy to all venue owners. By aggregating profiles on a variety of event spaces and making them easily sortable and comparable, Eventup is adding a ton of value for people who are looking for venues. But the way that they’re really going to add value is to invest in a solid SEO strategy. When people are looking for a venue, they go to Google. If Eventup comes up first for searches like “chicago wedding venues” or “new york corporate event space,” they’re going to really start achieving their goal of connecting those looking for venues with those who are looking to rent out their space. And if the site really takes off, I bet we’ll see more and more interesting spaces up for rent than ever before. When the barrier to entry for renting out a space is so low, why not give it a try? The more I think about Eventup, the more I love the business, which is why I think you need to check out their Internship page. Right now they’re looking for interns in Marketing (Santa Monica, CA), Sales (Chicago, IL), and Venue Acquisition (Chicago, IL). All of the positions are paid, but still look really interesting.

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