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Check out the latest internship postings from Everlane.

I’m looking for one or two paid interns/part-timers to help me grow the ODOJ/ODOI audience. If you’re interested, e-mail me at willy@onedayonejob.com outlining one idea for growing the site and how you can help (a résumé won’t hurt). For more background see here (but note this is from a year and a half ago).

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While I’m sure Macklemore’s Thrift Shop has made it more fashionable to buy secondhand clothing, the fact remains that most of us buy clothing that has been marked up every time it moves through the supply chain. For a designer shirt that can be up to eight times. We all know that clothes don’t have to be expensive, but we keep coming back to the designers and brands that we like. Everlane is a Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA based “luxury clothing design and manufacturing company” that “aims to provide low-cost, high-quality goods by cutting out middlemen.” They offer simple lines for both men and women that focus on essentials that almost everybody needs.

Life in the Everlane

Everlane’s goal is to “create the shortest path from [their] designs to your hands.” They do that by designing in house and only selling on their website. Cutting retail out of the equation allows them to keep costs low without having to compromise on the quality of the clothes. Everlane also limits how much they produce of each item, so they’re not left with a ton of inventory that needs to be dumped. It amazes me that this isn’t already standard operating procedure in the fashion industry, but I guess you have to stick with what has worked when you’re a mega brand. If Everlane’s Jobs page is any indication, the model must be working. Right now it includes postings for a Social Media Intern and Creative Interns (Marketing/PR/Communication/Journalism). You also have the option to Name Your Job, but note that Everlane internships are unpaid.

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