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Most of you are probably too young to remember when travel agents were a thing. Before the Internet, booking and planning a trip was much easier with the help of a professional. Today, having someone book your travel is often an unnecessary complication for most travelers. But if you’re the kind of person who travels all the time for work or wants everything to go perfectly, then you might appreciate something higher touch than booking online. That’s what FROSCH offers. They’re a New York, NY and Houston, TX headquartered company (with 30 offices across the country) that provides “high-touch leisure and corporate travel to individuals and companies.” While most travel agencies have been made obsolete by the Internet, FROSCH has continued to grow by offering a superior level of service.

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For the past decade and a half, FROSCH has grown approximately 30% annually (and from 30 to 1,100 employees). That’s insane for what many would deem a dying industry. They’ve been able to do this by focusing on the big spenders and offering them premium options. You can get a better sense for what FROSCH offers here. If you really want to dig in, you can read the company’s case studies to get a better grasp of how they serve clients. If you’d like to help people with their travel arrangements, take a look at FROSCH’s Careers page. Right now they’re looking for Marketing Intern in NYC. They don’t say whether the position is paid or not.
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