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A few weeks ago I was reminded of how annoying car ownership can be. I got a flat. Luckily I was parked on my street and they weren’t doing street cleaning that day. I called AAA to have them help put on my spare, but it ended up that the spare was rusted in place on the bottom of the car. Then I had to call a tow truck to take the car to a tire shop where I spent $500 on new tires. Overall it wasn’t too bad (I wasn’t stuck on the side of the road in a bad neighborhood or anything), but the experience reminded me that there’s a price for all of those times that having a car is super convenient. Getaround is a San Francisco, CA based company that changes the car ownership equation. They offer a platform for peer-to-peer car sharing that allows car owners to earn money by renting out their cars and the carless to enjoy the convenience of owning a car when they need it.

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A few months ago we looked at Wheelz, which is pretty much doing exactly the same thing. There’s a market here with 1 billion cars on the planet and the average car spending 22 hours a day sitting idle. That’s why the people at Getaround “imagine a world with fewer cars, without traffic jams, and less pollution.” Here’s how Getaround works. The idea is uncomfortable at first–but Getaround’s license checks, insurance coverage, review system, and smartphone integration quell a lot of the typical fears. Airbnb has proved that this kind of model can work despite regulatory concerns. If you are excited about what Getaround is doing, take a look at their Careers page. Right now they’re looking for a Marketing Intern. It’s unclear whether the position is paid or not.

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