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I used to be on top of all of the latest web technologies. When a new social network or tool came out, I’d figure out how to use it and add it to my repertoire. I can’t keep up any more–there are just too many cloud-based services out there. While you’ll never be able to master all of these technologies, you can get up to speed in about a minute thanks to Grovo. They’re a New York, NY based company that “produces one-minute video lessons covering every change to the world’s most popular websites, mobile apps and online tools.” Grovo’s content is updated in real-time, so when Facebook announces a new feature or a long awaited new iPhone app is released, they’re on it almost immediately. So far they already have more than 3,000 videos covering more than 100 web products.

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Grovo’s goal is to help people “be more productive in [their] personal and professional lives.” Sounds like something that might be helpful for your job search. You should definitely sign up for a free account to get a better feel for the product and to freshen up some of your skills. One of the coolest things about Grovo is that they have proprietary technology to capture “the most immediate questions people have about new features and functionality,” so they know what you want to learn before you know that you want to learn it. Grovo’s business model is based on premium memberships that grant access to even more content, so they’re not some startup that is trying to get a lot of users so that they can “monetize later.” An individual can get access to all of Grovo’s content for $99 per year or $9 per month, and businesses and schools can get enterprise memberships to train their employees/students. If Grovo sounds like the kind of place you want to work, take a look at their Careers page. Right now they’re looking for interns in Editorial or Quality Control.. They’re pretty open to finding places for great interns, so reach out to them if you’re interested in marketing, social media, writing, or content production.

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