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by on August 7, 2012

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There’s no time that sports apparel gets more attention than during the Olympics. There are the crazy “barracuda skin” racing suits for the swimmers, the bejeweled leotards for the gymnasts, and the ever controversial bikinis (or pants and long sleeved shirts if it’s under 60 degrees) for the women’s beach volleyball players. One might think that every uniform is chosen to maximize physical performance, but there’s research to show that what you wear/how you look affects your mental performance (See: Red is a winning color – GO BIG RED!). While they might not be outfitting our Olympians, GTM Sportswear is a Manhattan, KS based company that helps athletes perform better by looking better. They specialize “in providing custom-embellished uniforms, warm-ups, and practice apparel for college, school, and club sports teams nationwide.”

Greek to You

GTM Sportswear got its start at Kansas State University as a company called “It’s Greek to Me.” They traveled across the midwest selling fraternity and sorority apparel out of the back of a van. The business kept growing, and they eventually moved away from Greek life and traveling sales and moved towards custom sports apparel sold online and in retail stores. As of 2008 there sales were $43 million annually, and I’m sure they’ve grown significantly since then (they claim a 25% annualized growth rate). Why? GTM Sportswear keeps reinvesting in their business, whether it’s hiring new people or buying the equipment for a new manufacturing technique (a “new heat-transfer sequins embellishment process” is the latest). If you want to be one of GTM Sportswear’s next investments, check out their Careers page. They have some great internships for college students:

  • Sales Intern
  • E-Commerce Intern
  • Supply Chain Intern
  • Human Resources Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Retail Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Product Sourcing Intern
  • Finance/Accounting Intern
  • Product Development Intern
  • Web Development Intern
  • Information Technology Intern
  • Apparel Design Intern
  • Market Research Intern (Planning Analysis)
  • Social Engagement Intern

The link to apply for all of internships except for the first two is here. They don’t mention whether the positions are paid or not, but if you love sports apparel, then an internship with GTM Sportswear would be a great way to start your career.

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