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by on December 7, 2012

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At some point you’ve probably asked, “How the heck did Ke$ha get famous?” For some of you it was probably more of a sarcastic jab than a genuine question, but for those of you who truly want to know, I found the answer. It comes in the form of a case study for Gupta Media, a Cambridge, MA based online marketing agency that focuses on the entertainment and music industries. The story is that Ke$ha started to get attention with her “uncredited vocal performance on the chorus of Flo Rida’s hit single ‘Right Round.'” Gupta Media worked with her record label, RCA, and put together a plan for launching her debut album Animal. When it came out it was on the charts at #1 with 610,000 digital copies sold. Gupta Media can’t take all of the credit, but read through their case studies to learn more about the role they played.

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Not a Ke$ha fan? What about John Mayer, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown (just kidding, nobody like Chris Brown), or Santana? Gupta Media has worked with all of them. You can see the kind of work that they’ve done for these names here. Gupta Media’s focus is almost entirely online–their service offering include Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Analytics Reporting, and Design and Development. So far in 2012 (there’s still a little time left to pad their stats), Gupta Media has run 3,688 campaigns that have driven 58,938,696 clicks across 39,018,184,188 impressions. If you want to help them top those numbers in 2013, visit Gupta Media’s Careers page. A reader who works their now gave me the heads up about them, so even though there aren’t any internships posted, you should still reach out to them. They’ve previously offered internships in Marketing, Media Planning, and more. I’ve also seen some indication that the internships were paid.

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