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by on May 16, 2008

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We continue to be impressed with Twitter. We were scanning for internships when we came across Rebecca Corliss’ tweet about last-minute PR internships. She’s a soon to be/recent graduate from Boston University who interned with the Ictus Initiative and loved the experience so much that she went to work with them part-time as a publicist. Her rave reviews convinced us to share these internships, which are located in Boston, MA, with you as quickly as we possibly could.

What’s an Ictus Initiative

According to Wikipedia, in medicine an ictus is a sudden event, such as a stroke, seizure, or collapse. In music, it’s the instant when a beat occurs. Well, we’re pretty sure that the Ictus Initiative isn’t trying to initiate strokes and seizures (or they’d have more flashing animation on their website). It sounds to us like they’re a PR firm that is trying to make things happen. In their own words, “the Ictus Initiative works with speakers, authors, consultants, and others who are regarded as experts in their fields who are seeking to increase their visibility in targeted niche markets.” Hey, maybe we could use the Ictus Initiative since we’re experts in the field of internships, entry-level jobs, and online recruiting, although we’re not sure that we can afford their services.

We really like that the Ictus Initiative has picked out a narrow niche, instead of being overly broad with their PR services. They seem to be having great success, as they were recently identified as having Bulldog Reporter’s PR Campaign of the Week.

Interning with Ictus

We don’t usually repost internship listings verbatim, but we couldn’t find Ictus Initiative’s internships listed anywhere else, and the descriptions are well written and actually quite descriptive. So here they are.

Public Relations Intern

The Ictus Initiative is looking for a creative, media-savvy individual to become the company’s newest PR intern. The ideal candidate is a public relations, journalism, or communications student. He/she must have a concrete understanding of the media and exhibit strong writing skills.

As a PR Intern at The Ictus Initiative, you will be an integral part of the public relations team. Intern responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring news to strategize news release angles
  • Writing original news releases
  • Researching and compiling media lists
  • Pitching clients as expert sources
  • Developing publicity campaigns for book signings
  • Organizing PR reports and placements

Social Media Public Relations Intern

The Ictus Initiative is looking for a Web-savvy individual to co-manage the social media practice along with the public relations director. The ideal candidate must have a concrete understanding of blogs, RSS, Technorati, Digg, del.icio.us, social networking, and basic html. Background in communications is a plus.

Social media intern responsibilities include:

  • Researching and monitoring the blogosphere for client-relevant blogs
  • Compiling blog summaries for client commenting
  • Setting up blogs, RSS feeds, and social networking accounts
  • Strategizing new social media campaigns
  • Designing social media news releases
  • Assisting with Ictus Initiative’s blog management and social network memberships

Graphic Design Intern

The Ictus Initiative is looking for a creative, motivated individual to work with our graphic designer for the summer. The ideal candidate must be proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite. Experience with corporate identity and basic html is a plus.

Graphic design intern responsibilities could include book and eBook layout and design, newsletter layout and design, web site template design, etc.

Editorial Intern

The Ictus Initiative is looking for a creative, detail-oriented person to join our editorial team as an intern for the summer. Candidates should have excellent oral and written communication skills, and should be highly organized and independently motivated. Those with backgrounds in communications, public relations, journalism, and English are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have a superior command of the English language.

Editorial intern responsibilities include:

  • Supporting editorial staff
  • Proofreading eBooks, manuscripts, marketing collateral, and Web content
  • Internet Research
  • Writing news releases and newsletters
  • Database compilation

How to Apply

All internships at Ictus Initiative are unpaid, but may be taken for credit. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample (portfolio for the Graphic Design Internship) to Leyna@IctusInitiative.com. The Ictus Initiative is based in Boston, MA, which means you’ll need to be able to live in the Boston area to intern with them.

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Rebecca Corliss May 16, 2008 at 11:31 am

I know I’m obviously the one who provided the original information, but I just wanted to emphasize that interning (and later working) at Ictus has opened so many doors for me. The staff are all very young, fun people. It’s a good place if you want to get knee-deep in the industry and produce work for the team that actually matters. It’s a good time, indeed.


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