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Content marketing is becoming one of the latest business buzzwords. It’s pretty self explanatory–it’s publishing with the goal of bringing attention to your products or services. So when I hear the word “content,” I immediately think about it from a publishing/media standpoint. But there’s a world of content well beyond blog posts, viral videos, social media updates, and long form articles. Most business and organizations have a massive amount of internal content that is used in the course of business. Marketing, Sales, and Operations are all areas that can benefit significantly from a good internal content strategy? But how does a business know what content to use when? KnowledgeTree can tell them. They’re a Raleigh, NC based company that can offer “actionable insight into your business content.”

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How does KnolwedgeTree turn a disorganized mass of content into a competitive advantage? They collect all of the content in one place, tag it with meta information, and track its performance. The system helps companies know exactly which piece of content will solve a particular problem. KnowledgeTree’s emphasis is on helping Marketing and Sales teams, but their content insights can be used all across an organization. Here’s an explanation of how some of KnowledgeTree’s solutions work. To see what it looks like in practice, read this case study on how KnowledgeTree helped Volunteers of America generate huge productivity gains. If you’re impressed by what you see, head over to KnowledgeTree’s Careers page. Right now they’re looking for a Software Sales Intern, and it sounds like the position is paid.

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