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I’ve you’ve ever played on a team that watches game film, you know that what you think you did, what your coach thinks you did, and what you actually did are often three completely different things. The film can’t lie, but absorbing the facts of the film without letting your biases creep in is extremely difficult. If only there were a way to turn game footage into stats. Krossover does that and a lot more. They’re a New York, NY based company that is aiming to “disrupt the current sports content, analytics and technology landscape.” Their platform allows coaches to upload raw video and “get back searchable film, box scores, visualizations, and more.”

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Krossover was created in 2008 to help “the University of Pennsylvania’s basketball team make use of advanced statistics in order to win more games.” (The early version must not have worked very well, since Cornell won the Ivy League Championship in the next three years. Go Big Red!). Eventually Krossover’s founders realized that they had a pretty awesome product on their hands, so they turned it into a business. They have a great video on what their products have to offer coaches:

Right now Krossover offers full breakdowns for Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse and more basic services for a laundry list of other sports. They’re focusing on the college and high school markets, and already have worked with some big names like Kentucky basketball and Georgetown lacrosse. Krossover’s combination of technology and outsourcing is a perfect fit for these markets. If you’re pretty pumped about what Krossover is doing, take a look at their Careerss page. Right now they’re looking for Sports Analysts. It’s essentially a paid internship with the opportunity to transition into a full-time role.

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