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by on February 19, 2012

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Environmental issues and politics make an interesting combination. The environment is typically a long-run issue, and politicians are historically bad at dealing with anything that isn’t in the short-term. If you don’t believe me, look no further than the national debt or the Social Security situation. The reason for this is that most voters don’t get fired up about stuff that is going to happen in 5/10/100 years. Voters get fired up about the present, so that’s what politicians cater to–remember it’s all about reelection. If you want politicians to act with a long-term mindset, you really have to push them, and that’s exactly what the League of Conservation Voters does. They’re a Washington, DC based non-profit organization that “works to turn environmental values into national priorities.” They do this by focusing on two key areas: educating the public about environmental issues and helping elect pro-environment leaders.

A League of Its Own

The League of Conservation Voters has a long list of issues that it focuses on including Clean Air, Clean Energy, Clean Water, Global Warming, Hardrock Mining, Holding Big Oil Accountable, Open Spaces, Toxic Chemicals, Transportation, and Wildlife. They attack these issues at the national level while also having their state chapters work at more local levels. I think one of the more interesting things that they do is hold congresspeople accountable through the National Environmental Scorecard. You can plug in your representative’s name and see what his or her record is on important environmental issues. If you’re excited by the League of Conservation Voters’ values and want to be a part of what they’re doing, then take a look at their Careers page. Right now they’re looking for interns in State Capacity Building (paid) and Development (unpaid). While the positions say that the deadline was 1/31, the internships are still posted, so it’s well worth applying for them (especially because the positions are also still actively posted on Idealist).

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