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by on September 24, 2008

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You may have seen it on a bumper sticker or overheard it while shopping downtown – especially in a college town – “Go Local.” It’s a movement that should stir pride in anyone who shares the small-r republican ideals of Thomas Jefferson. Farmers’ markets are back in style, artisanal cheese shops are popping up all over the place, and local, grass-fed beef is appearing on more and more restaurant menus. The yeoman farmer is back! Not only are these people making great products available, but they’re also building successful businesses by serving the demand for local food. How can this business model based on going local be extended beyond farming? One startup, Local Motors, is trying to make people “go local” when they buy cars. Yes, cars.

Get Your “Drive Local Cars” Bumper Sticker

Local Motors wants to change everything that you know about how cars are manufactured. That may be bad news for Detroit, but they’re probably used to that by now. In fact, the ideas behind Local Motors might just reinvigorate the Big 3 and force them into a fight for their lives. That’s probably a long way away, but Local Motors is already working to decentralize the automobile manufacturing process. Instead of having one factory produce 100,000 cars that are essentially identical, Local Motors wants to “build low inventory, high cash conversion, low capital intensity assembly facilities distributed across the United States.” They will base their designs on an open source model of submissions through Web 2.0 technology and will tailor car designs to the driver who is buying the car and the geography of the area that the driver intends to use the car in. They’re starting with one car in one micro-factory. This all sounds a little bit crazy, but maybe it’s just crazy enough to work. Local Motors did win the Pitch for Change competition last year.

Local Internships

Right now, Local Motors is looking for a Car Design Intern in their Wareham, MA factory. They’ve posted the opportunity on Startuply, a job board for startups, and it looks they want a real automotive design superstar. They want someone who loves collaborating, has great communication skills, and is an excellent renderer and sketcher. They’re most concerned with your portfolio, so make sure that yours is solid. You may also want to try participating on their community for design submissions before you apply. The internship is paid, and you can apply directly from the internship listing that we linked to at the beginning of this paragraph.

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Do you think that we’ll all be driving locally built cars in 20 years?

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