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by on October 8, 2012

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I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching infomercials when I was a kid. I’d watch the same ones over and over even though they offered (questionable) solutions to problems that were completely irrelevant to a 9 year old. I have no explanation for why I’d watch them, but it’s a testament to the power of content marketing. When you make your advertisement the main event instead of an interruption, it suddenly becomes way more interesting. An infomercial is both the best and worst example of this. The content isn’t all that compelling, but the marketing message is very direct. Magnet Media is a company that helps brands lean towards the other end of the spectrum. They’re based in New York, NY, and they “specialize in telling the brand’s story by producing and syndicating compelling video and interactive content, using social platforms to help brands share their story, reach and engage their target audiences, and ultimately drive actions that deliver on business results.”

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When you land on Magnet Media’s home page, your eye is instantly drawn to the logs of their clients. You see YouTube, Apple, DreamWorks, Google, NBC, Adobe, and lots of other huge names. Right off the bat you know that this is a company that must be doing something interesting. If you’d like to see the kind of work that they’ve done for these big name brands, take a look at Magnet Media’s Case Studies. It’s content marketing about why content marketing (and Magnet Media) is awesome. If you’re interested in digging deeper into the world of content marketing, you can take advantage of the Magnet Resource Center, which will help you explore “the marriage of technology and storytelling.” It’s especially worth checking out if you’re interested in Internships at Magnet Media. Right now they’re looking for a Web Design Intern. The position is kind of paid (daily stipend), and definitely worth a look.

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