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by on August 26, 2008

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Are you a superhero whose alter ego happens to be looking for an internship? Just for cover, of course, because superheroes don’t actually need to work. You’ve managed to keep it quiet through a couple years of college, but you need something to do between classes besides beating up villains and saving the world. Why not intern at the last place that they’d ever expect you to work – Marvel Enterprises. It’s so obvious that it’s completely unobvious. In all seriousness if you’re not familiar with Marvel, they’re “one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies.” They made their name in comic books, but they’ve expanded into tv, movies, toys, video games, and more.

Can You Be a Superhero Intern?

From what we hear, Marvel is the type of company that is filled with fanatics. If you don’t have a comic book collection, you’re probably not going to be a good fit as an intern. Because Marvel has such strong brand recognition and loyalty, it seems like they always get plenty of people who want to intern with them. We don’t know too much about what it’s like to intern at Marvel, but this blog post entitled Why Women Don’t Work at Marvel is a cause for some concern. You shouldn’t write off Marvel just because of one person’s opinion (the blog post is 2 years old), but you should certainly research them with caution. You could also try to be the superhero intern who initiates change and brings equality to Marvel while fighting the “Howard Stern/partytime/fratboy/strip club” mentality.

Marvel offers a wide range of internships year round in both Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. We’re pretty sure that it’s too late for a Fall internship, but they do say that they accept applications on a rolling basis (they used to say that started accepting applications for the spring on September 1st). They don’t do a very good job of identifying which internships are located where (maybe they’re really at a secret superhero hideout), so you’re going to have to inquire about specific internships. Marvel is currently offering internships in Art Returns, Editorial, Production, Web / Online, Creative Services, Brand Assurance, Inventory, Business Development & Merchandising, Sales Communications, Legal, Accounting, Publishing Operations, Scanning, Marvel Toys / ToyBiz, Licensing / Consumer Products, IT Desktop, Marvel Studios, and Human Resources. You can find full descriptions for each internship on Marvel’s Careers and Internship page and you can apply through their online form. If you love comics and superheroes, what could be better than interning at Marvel

Although not an internship, there’s also another option for the more creative Marvel Fans. You can submit your writing or art for consideration by their team. If they like what they see, you could be the next Marvel superstar. They get a ton of submissions, but if you’re good, it’s worth a shot. They are very specific about how you should submit your art or writing, so be sure to read over their submission guidelines very carefully. Just imagine telling people that you meet in college that you haveyour own comic book series.

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