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by on July 3, 2009

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Since I’m going to have a non-profit for you tomorrow, let’s start celebrating the Fourth of July today. Now, I know that you probably have fireworks, the beach, hot dogs, and hamburgers on your mind, but let’s take a minute to appreciate the Declaration of Independence. It’s the best “I Quit” letter in the history of the world. It’s like that letter that you wrote to your parents when you were 14 and decided that you were moving out, except it isn’t completely nonsensical. The Declaration of Independence has a lot to do with why this country is so great, so I hope that you’ll take a minute to give it a read today. And where do you go if you want to read the Declaration of Independence? The National Archives, of course! You can see the original document in all its glory, or you can check out a more readable version. If you’re not familiar with what the National Archives is, basically they “are the nation’s record keeper.” They preserve and keep forever 1%-3% of our government’s documents for both legal and historical reasons.

Declare Your Independence with an Internship

One Day, One Internship has its own archives, but it’s nothing compared to what the National Archives has (duh!). The National Archives serves many constituencies, as there are all kinds of uses for historical documents. These include: the General Public, Genealogists/Family Historians, Veterans and their Families, Educators and Students, Researchers, Records Managers, Preservation and Archives Professionals, Information Security Specialists, Federal Employees, Members of Congress, Press/Journalists, and more I’m sure. You could spend hours learning about the National Archives and what they have preserved, so I’m going to leave that research up to you.

What I do have for you is an inside look at what kind of internships they have available. You can start learning about what it’s like to work at the National Archives by visiting their Careers page, and from there you can check out their Internships page. From here they separate their internships into three categories: Washington, DC area, Regional Archives, and Presidential Libraries. Each has a ton of different types of opportunities associated with it. Some examples are Archival Internships, Business & Administrative Internships, Editorial Internships, Exhibitions and Educational Outreach Internships, Grants Management & Research Internships, Legislative Internships. There’s a ton of information, so you’ll probably have to spend an hour or two just researching the different opportunities. You can learn how to apply for these internships here, and you can also check out the National Archives’ Intern Experiences page to get a look at what former interns are saying about their internships.

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