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by on November 12, 2009

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I have to admit that I pretty much stopped watching local news after going to school and living in Central New York for four years. I swear that every night the news would come on at 11 PM, and there would be a new crew reporting live from a barn that caught on fire. Here in Chicago it’s more likely to be a shooting or possibly some government corruption. I’m sure that your area has its own regular story. Usually I like to talk about how the Internet is kicking traditional media’s butt, but that hasn’t been true when it comes to local stuff. TV and newspapers still own the local market, which is why NBC Chicago and Telemundo Chicago would be pretty cool places to intern. (Telemundo is a local network much like NBC 5 Chicago, but it’s tailored to a Spanish speaking audience.)They’re still the place to go for local news (whether it’s on the web or on the tube).

Intern Locally… If You’re in Chicago

I recently came across the Internships page for NBC Chicago and Telemundo Chicago and was impressed by how many opportunities they are offering. The only thing that bugged me is that they stick a bunch of legalese in the first few paragraphs instead of using the space to tell you how awesome the internship program is. I guess they want to make it painfully clear that their internships are unpaid and only for current students at accredited college. They’re also adamant about the fact that interns can’t do certain work because of union contracts.

With all that said, there are still a ton of cool opportunities including internships in: Advertising and Promotion (NBC and Telemundo), Station/Community Relations (NBC), Digital Sales, Consumer Unit (NBC), Health Unit (NBC), Investigative Unit (NBC), National Business Development (NBC), NBC Network News Midwest Bureau, News Assignment Desk (NBC or Telemundo), News Department (NBC or Telemundo), News Planning Unit (NBC or Telemundo), Sales Research and Marketing (NBC), Sports Department (NBC), Web Development Department (NBC), and NBCChicago.com Editorial Department (NBC). There are 4 internship sessions per year at NBC Chicago and Telemundo Chicago. There’s a PDF application form that you need to fill out and mail in, so check out the NBC Chicago and Telemundo Chicago Internships page for all of the details.

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