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My wife’s first job was as a management consultant. It came with lots of travel and a serious expense account. When you’re running thousands of dollars in expenses through your credit card on a weekly basis, you need to be savvy about how you do it. Not only will it help you keep your credit clean, but you can earn all kinds of rewards and perks. Luckily for Amy, she worked with a bunch of huge nerds. They had already put in the hours to figure out the optimal decisions for a typical consultant, and they put together documents detailing the pros and cons of every possible option (which credit cards to get, which loyalty programs to use, where to stay, and much more). While your situation probably won’t be as extreme, it’s still important to make the right personal finance decisions. If you don’t have nerdy co-workers, you can go to NerdWallet. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that “empowers consumers to make better decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, health bills, or higher education.” NerdWallet does all of the research, and you just have to make the choices that best fit your lifestyle

What’s in Your Wallet?

In case you haven’t noticed, the personal finance space is extremely lucrative. Banks, credit card companies, brokerages, and colleges have a ton to gain by landing you as a customer. And you might have a ton to gain by becoming their customer, but you’ll probably need some help figuring out whether that’s actually true. That’s the purpose that NerdWallet aims to serve. They have all kinds of calculators, comparison tools, and articles that help “consumers save money and make smarter decisions.” They say that they think of themselves as “the first .org recommendation site – we never sacrifice user welfare in the name of profits.” It’s hard to verify that, but even that kind of talk is a very good sign in an industry were businesses can get pretty slimy. If you like NerdWallet’s approach, visit their Jobs page. Right now they have a few internships posted including Education Outreach Intern and Personal Finance Outreach Intern. The internships are paid and look pretty interesting.

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