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Sometimes a company knows that they’re on to something, but they can’t quite get it right at first. They have an idea, they build some technology, they hire some people, but the business doesn’t come together. That seems to have been the story with NewsCred for their first two iterations. Now it sounds like the New York, NY based company may have it figured out. After scrapping publisher ranking and a custom online newspaper engine, they’ve moved on to “sourcing and licensing trusted content across a broad range of subjects and perspectives.” Generating quality content is extremely hard. NewsCred allows the brands who need it to get it from the publishers who are experts at creating it.

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NewsCred “licenses and curates full text articles, photos and video from sources like The Economist, The Guardian, Reuters and Forbes, helping publishers and brands create customized content experiences to drive traffic and build new revenue.” What does this actually look like? You can see by checking out NewsCred’s Case Studies. Syndicating content can get really messy. NewsCred eliminates most of the problems by being a one-stop shop for buying and selling the rights to content. I learned about NewsCred from a former reader who is now working at NewsCred. She told me that their Jobs page doesn’t cover all of their needs and that they’re looking for “smart people in engineering, sales, client services, editorial, marketing, and content acquisition.” They’ve had interns in the past, so that should include interns. If you’re a fit, e-mail them at and tell them why.

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