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On Friday I visited one my Dad’s college friends at his workshop. He makes sails for traditional boats, and he’s been doing it for a long time. He doesn’t get a lot of incoming calls from potential clients (it’s a pretty niche business), but when he does, he almost always makes the sale (no pun intended). It’s because he has developed a process that shows potential customers that he’s undoubtedly the best guy for the job. He does it all by hand (even to the point of writing a personal letter), but it’s essentially automated. He spends about 15 minutes on it every morning, and that’s it. While that approach won’t work in a lot of business, nearly every company can benefit from automating parts of their marketing. Pardot is a company that provides software to do exactly that. They’re based in Atlanta, GA, and they came in at #172 on the Inc. 500 with 2,001% three-year growth and $7.4 million in revenue.

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It’s kind of hard for most people to understand what marketing automation actually looks like. Luckily, Pardot does a fantastic job of explaining it through video. I can’t embed it here, but I highly recommend that you go to their home page and watch their videos. If you want to be meta about it, you can also look into how Pardot automated their marketing process. If you’d rather have it explained to you, then all you need to do is take a look at Pardot’s Clients page. They have videos and quotes from a number of customers describing how they use Pardot to drive results for their businesses. If all this talk about marketing automation is making you excited, then your next step should be to visit Pardot’s Careers page. They’re another company that doesn’t have any internships posted right now, but they’ve had a lot of interns in the past. These internships have been in areas like Marketing, Sales Research, Web Development, Programming, Interactive Web Marketing, and more. If you’re going to find an internship in an off period (like right now), this is the kind of research that you have to do. Find companies that have offered internships in the past, and reach out to them. It will give you a leg up on all the other students who wait for positions to be posted.

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