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by on August 29, 2012

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I spend a lot of time meeting and talking with budding entrepreneurs. One thing that I’ve noticed is that people who are starting their first businesses often get too caught up in the administrative details. They want to incorporate, set up contracts, design a logo, get business cards, etc. It’s not that these things aren’t important–it’s just that there are far more important things (like validating your business idea or doing customer research). Still, there’s some legal stuff that absolutely needs to be done. Hiring a lawyer is too expensive, and using a boilerplate won’t quite do the job. What do you do? Go to Rocket Lawyer. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that is “making legal work easier and more convenient for everyone.” Their online model has helped them reach #72 on the Inc. 500 with 3,672% three-year growth to $14.2 million in revenue. Rocket Lawyer uses automated technology to create custom legal documents for business and personal use. But they don’t just leave you there. Rocket Lawyer members (they charge a monthly fee for access) get “free document reviews” and “questions answered by local attorneys.” Additionally, Rocket Lawyer has “pre-negotiated lower rates with local attorneys” so that customers can save money when they do need more than a document.

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In case you haven’t heard, the job market for lawyers is even worse than the job market for undergrads (“55% of the class of 2011 had found full-time positions requiring a law degree nine months after graduating” according to the WSJ). The simple explanation is that from the high end to the low end, people don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on lawyers. Rocket Lawyer is taking advantage of this market trend by making better legal offerings available for lower prices. While $14.2 million is an impressive amount of revenue, it’s only a tiny portion of the market that Rocket Lawyer can own. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them continue to grow at an exceptional rate, which means that it’s well worth it to check out their Careers page. Right now they have some great opportunities, though no internships posted. (Same story, different day. I know this frustrates some of you, but I promise that it works. Go on LinkedIn. Look at what kind of interns the company has had in the past. Apply!) At Rocket Lawyer they’ve had past interns in Sales, Research, Content, Web Development, and more.

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