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by on March 10, 2013

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For as long as charitable organizations have existed, they’ve been feeding people. Yesterday we looked at Food & Friends and how they’re feeding people who are suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses. Today we’re going to look at an organization that is more focused on the quality of food that we eat. Seattle Tilth aims “to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system.” The organization is all about maximizing the health of the community through agriculture that respects the environment.

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The idea behind Seattle Tilth was born when a few friends “attended a symposium in Spokane on the state of American agriculture.” In the 70s there was actually a parent organization called the Tilth Association, but it only lasted until 1984. Seattle Tilth has continued on its own with a wide variety of community focused programs like classes for both adults and kids, a community kitchen program, a garden hotline, landscape consultations, and lots more. If these sound like the kinds of projects that you’d want to work on, take a look at Seattle Tilth’s Internships page. Right now they’re looking for interns in Garden Stewardship, Farm Stewardship, Social Media, and Administrative Office. The internships are listed under volunteer positions, so I’ll assume they’re unpaid.

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