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by on August 24, 2012

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Occasionally I come across a company that I’m shocked that I’ve never heard of before. You’d think that after writing about more than 1,700 companies, there wouldn’t be many surprises left. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just look at Silver Chalice. It’s a Chicago, IL based company that “builds and operates a fast-growing portfolio of high-value digital media businesses in the fields of sports and entertainment.” The company’s Chairman happens to be Jerry Reinsdorf–yes, the same Jerry Reinsdorf who owns the Bulls and White Sox. I love sports. I love tech. I live in Chicago. I should have heard about them at some point, but it seems that Silver Chalice likes to keep a low profile. I can’t really figure out why they’d want to do that, but the last major press coverage that they got was in 2009 right before they publicly launched. Back then the company was described as “an outside company to supplement the team’s core operations” (in reference to the White Sox).

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Even reading the Silver Chalice website won’t give you a great idea of what they do. I don’t know if they’re being intentionally vague, but they tend to use a lot of buzzwords. But when you look a little closer and see that their partners and clients include “Verizon Wireless, CBS Sports, Raycom Media, Sony Music, Hearst, The Atlantic Coast Conference, Meredith Media, IMG, and Harpo Studios, among many others,” you start to realize that there is a serious business being built here. Silver Chalice has four main lines of business: Silver Chalice Digital Networks (next generation video channels), Silver Chalice Advanced Media Platform (digital content distribution), SEASON (aggregation and monetization of digital video assets), and Silver Chalice Strategic Services (industry research). The main focus for these businesses seems to be sports (which is an obvious fit), but they’re also branching into entertainment. If you want to start to unravel The Mystery of Silver Chalice (sounds like a Hardy Boys book or something), take a look at their Internships page. Right now the only internship posted is a paid Mobile Engineering Internship (Boulder, CO), but I have to imagine that they also have positions in Chicago.

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