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by on April 21, 2012

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If I told you that I had 52 slaves working for me, you’d either think that I was making an offensive joke about unpaid internships or just being offensive. Unfortunately, it’s the truth. It’s nearly impossible for anyone living in our society not to benefit from modern slavery. So what do we do about it? Before you can take responsibility for your consumption, you have to understand your “slavery footprint.” Slavery Footprint is an Oakland, CA based non-profit organization that aims “to generate awareness and action for the issues of forced labor, slavery, and human trafficking.” They’ve done this through a film called Call + Response, a documentary with CNN, and an online survey that helps you calculate your slavery footprint based on what you consume and own.

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Slavery Footprint’s standout feature is its design. They’ve built an extremely intuitive way for you to get a basic understanding of how slavery is part of supply chains that end with you. Most slavery happens at the raw materials level–well before manufacturers and brands act as intermediaries, so it’s easy to be blind to it. Slavery Footprint helps you spread the word to friends and identify where you can be more responsible with your consumption. In my opinion, Slavery Footprint’s best feature is also its biggest flaw. Because you can causally enter information into their app and calculate your “slavery footprint,” it’s easy to not take the results seriously and fail to take action. Still, it’s better than a PSA or other non-personalized message. If your slavery footprint results really hit you hard, one of the best ways that you can respond is to consider an internship with Slavery Footprint. Right now they have a few unpaid internships posted on Idealist including Corporate Engagement Intern, National City Tour Intern, and Graphic Design Fellow. These look like great opportunities to have a serious impact on modern slavery.

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