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by on August 31, 2012

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There’s a two in three chance that you found out about us from Google. That’s not by luck. Early on I realized that most job seekers don’t know where to look, so they go to search engines. I’ve put in a massive amount of work to ensure that the content that I create turns up when people search for stuff that I have answers for. This is called SEO, and it isn’t some sort of black magic–shortcuts don’t work in the long run. SEO and inbound marketing are about developing great content, organizing the information on your website in a coherent way, and getting other people to share it (mainly through linking). It’s a fascinating field that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I pass up writing about a lot of companies in the SEO industry because they don’t pass my smell test. Slingshot SEO does, and they also happen to have achieved a three-year growth rate of 2,391%–putting them at #136 on the Inc. 500. I really like what I see in Slingshot SEO’s methodology, and I’m also impressed by the Indianapolis, IN based company’s client list.

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I spend a ton of time on SEO, and I think it’s completely fascinating because search is so essential to most people’s web experiences. Learning how to use search to reach people is extremely important whether you want to work for a non-profit or a big business. Social media may get all of the hype, but search is far more valuable in my eyes (and experience). I strongly believe that more college students and grads need to go into SEO/inbound marketing. It’s a high demand field where you can completely educate yourself by using online resources and working on your own sites. If you want to start learning, check out Slingshot SEO’s Resources page and read through their Case Studies. If you find this stuff intellectually stimulating, then it’s worth taking a look at Slingshot SEO’s Internships page. Their “Search Scholars” program looks amazing. It’s paid, and offers serious learning opportunities. They’re already recruiting for Spring 2013, so get on it!

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