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Now that we’re right in the middle of the Holiday Season, it’s time to put on some weight! With Thanksgiving, Christmas cookies, and Holiday parties it’s hard not to add a few pounds, especially considering the natural tendency to pack on fat for hibernation once temperatures dip below freezing. Unless you’re headed for a tropical destination during your break, you might just want to give in and enjoy the month of December since you’re only one good New Year’s Resolution away from getting back into shape. The only problem is that you need to keep fitting into those awesome holiday pants you bought a couple years ago. That’s where Spanx can help you. They’re an Atlanta, GA based company that manufactures and sells “body shaping” undergarments. I’d heard of them before, but I just decided to check them out yesterday because I saw someone tweeting about the Spanx Men’s Line. I’m not in the market for any body shaping undergarments, but I think it’s pretty cool that they’re expanding their offerings.

Creating a Good Fit

A big part of the Spanx story is focused on their founder Sara Blakely who first “put her butt on the line” in 2000. She continues to be the face (and rear end) of the brand, even though Laurie Ann Goldman is now the CEO. If you want a little more on the Spanx story you can check out the Spanx Top 10 Facts and the Spanx Timeline. Presumably you’ll want to browse the Spanx site to look at their product lines too. And if you’re excited about the potential for an internship where “muffin tops, panty lines, back fat, and backsides” are an integral part of every day conversation, then you’ll want to check out the Spanx Careers page along with their Open Positions page. Right now they don’t have any internships posted, but they’ve had PR, Marketing, and Sales Interns in the past. And if you’re interested in a different type of position, there’s potential for positions in apparel design and apparel manufacturing.

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