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by on October 4, 2012

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I had exercise induced asthma as kid, but I really enjoyed playing sports. That probably explains why I loved baseball, tolerated basketball, and avoided soccer and lacrosse as much as possible. Despite the fact that more and more kids are as out of shape as I was, soccer and lacrosse have both seen a ton of growth over the past two decades. The Moylan family has been well ahead of the the trend. In 1984 one of the family’s six kids (Mike) was assigned a high school business project, so he decided to start a small soccer catalog called Eurosport. The family embraced the business, and it became Sports Endeavors. They spent a decade doing the mail order thing, and then they made an amazingly smart move in 1994. The Hillsborough, NC based company bought and Combining an already existing business with those domain names made for a killer combination, and that’s why Sports Endeavors has continued to grow–though they still only focus on soccer, lacrosse, and rugby.

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The Sports Endeavors story is really cool, so I highly encourage that you read the whole thing. The company’s website doesn’t tell you much more than the story, so you really need to take a look at and to get a better sense of how their business operates. You’ll see that the key is stocking a wide array of products that cater to the sports’ enthusiasts. They offer a selection that you’ll never find in a Dick’s or Sports Authority. They also offer a level of customer service and knowledge that most online and offline retailers can’t compete with. If you’d like to join the Sports Endeavors family, take a look at their Careers page. It doesn’t have the best design, but there’s actually a lot of information on it. The current postings show that they’re looking for interns in Graphic Design and Visual Imaging (both appear to be unpaid). Hopefully one of these internships will be a good fit for you. If not take a look at this list of potential opportunities to see what kind of positions might be in the pipeline.

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