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by on March 6, 2013

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I have a favorite shirt. It doesn’t quite fit anymore, and I’m sad about it. When I first bought it, it was just barely long enough. With each wash it seems to shrink a tiny bit, and now it’s at the point where any upward arm movement temporarily turns it into a belly shirt. Nobody needs to see that. The shirt is a purple (I’d call it pink) Cotton Reverse Seam Shirt by Steven Alan, and I bought it on Gilt. The best thing about it is that people always tell me that I have my shirt inside out, and I get to exclaim, “Haven’t you ever heard of reverse seams?” It’s the small things in life. The Reverse Seam Shirt is Steven Alan’s signature, and it’s part of the reason why the New York, NY based designer and retailer has been able to grow “a loyal following for [its] unique brand of casual, smart, self-assured essentials for both men and women.”

Seams Good To Me

The Steven Alan brand started in 1994 with a New York City based retail store. Steven Alan (the person) opened his first showroom in 1996 and launched his first collection in 1999. Today the collections have grown and so have the retail presences–there are eight in New York and three in Southern California. Additionally, Steven Alan merchandise is carried by more than 300 other retail stores and is also available online. There isn’t much more information out there on the company, but their Internships page shows a few internship opportunities including Buying Intern and Fashion Design Intern. Both positions are unpaid.

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