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by on January 10, 2010

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Last night I was driving home and heard a radio commercial for an 89 cent burrito. It made me realize how cheap calories are these days. Cheap calories used to be a good thing. It meant that fewer people would go hungry, but unfortunately cheap calories are often low-quality calories. As hunger becomes less of a problem, nutrition continues to be a major problem. The Food Trust is a Philadelphia based non-profit that “works to improve the health of children and adults, promote good nutrition, increase access to nutritious foods, and advocate for better public policy.” They work with “neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers and policymakers” to educate people about making the right food choices while also making access to good food easier and more affordable.

Good Food, Good Internships

The Food Trust has quite a few active programs that are aimed at pushing their mission forward. These range from school-based initiatives like Farm to School and School Food & Beverage Reform to community-based programs like Corner Store Campaign and Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative. A number of these programs come with great success stories. If you think the answer to hunger and poor nutrition goes beyond 89 cent burritos, then you might want to check out internships at The Food Trust. Their current openings include Project Intern: Youth, Healthy Corner Store Initiative, Project Intern: After-School, Healthy Corner Store Initiative, Project Intern: Corner Store/Small Business, Healthy Corner Store Initiative, and Nutrition Education Internships. The applications instructions vary depending on the internship, so check out the Internships page for all of the info (it doesn’t mention whether the positions are paid, but one of their postings on Idealist indicates that they are).

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