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Have you ever looked up a doctor online? When you type the name into Google, you’re often inundated with useless results (kind of like when you’re job searching). There are “reviews” that aren’t really reviews, and “information” pages that don’t offer any useful information. While most doctors prefer to focus on medicine over marketing, the truth is that a successful practice requires a continuous flow of new and returning patients. The Internet will continue to play a larger role in how people find doctors, and Treatspace wants to ensure that patients accurate, helpful information. That’s why the Pittsburgh, PA based company is focused on putting “facts online that connect providers, patients, and health professionals.”

A Treat for You

I’ve seen Treatspace pop up on job sites a lot over the past few months. I got excited because I thought they were some kind of candy company, but never covered them (probably because I was disappointed when I found out they had nothing to do with treats). Recently I’ve realized how important an idea like Treatspace is. As more and more sites aggregate information from across the Internet, more and more junk gets repeated as fact. That may not be a big deal when the online menu that you find for the takeout restaurant around the corner is a bit outdated, but it is a big deal when the information you find about a medical professional is inaccurate. Treatspace gives doctors a platform to get the facts straight. If you’re interested in what Treatspace is doing, check out their Careers page. The Internships section says that they offer positions in Internet Engineering, Marketing, Web and Interaction Design, and Product Development/Prototyping, while their current postings show positions in Business Management, Software Engineering, and User Experience. I believe all of the positions are unpaid.

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Have you ever been frustrated while looking up a doctor online?

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