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by on April 12, 2010

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It’s hard to go a week on One Day, One Internship without seeing me mention some company’s venture capital financing. I’m sure that some of you have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s how it works. Venture capital firms provide investment in (typically early stage) companies to help them grow more quickly. They get a piece of the company, and they provide cash to help the company do things like hire people, buy more servers, or get office space. It’s the reason that you see companies that may not be profitable (yet) spending money. We feature a lot of venture funded companies here, and a number of them including 10gen, Etsy, Meetup, Pinch Media, Twitter, and Zynga are portfolio companies of New York City’s Union Square Ventures. Without money from Union Square these companies may not have been able to add jobs and end up featured on One Day, One Job or One Day, One Internship. Typically Venture Capital is an extremely difficult field to break into, but I just got word that Union Square Ventures is hiring, and I figured we could also take a look at potential internships.

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Union Square Ventures was founded by Fred Wilson, Brad Burnham and Albert Wenger. All of them are accessible through social media, which makes sense since Union Square Ventures is a major player in the Web 2.0 space. If you know anything about the portfolio companies that I mentioned in the first paragraph, you know that Union Square Ventures has an amazing track record. What makes it even more amazing is that they’re doing it in New York City and not the Bay Area (I think this is the only time that NYC is ever considered an underdog). If you want to know more about USV, you should check out their Our Focus page which links to posts from their blog that go into detail about how they work. Their latest job posting is also in the form of a blog post, and you can find it here. There’s no official word on internships from USV, but CrunchBase does list a Summer Intern from last year. If you want to land an internship with USV, your best bet is to use social media to reach out to Fred, Brad, or Albert and pitch them on why you’d be an amazing intern. It’s low probability, but it’s worth a shot.

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