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Remember when you had to worry about whether a file or program was compatible with your computer’s operating system? These days most people do everything in the web browser, and that means that they can access the same functionality across a multitude of devices. The problem is that building a website for a 30 inch screen is very different from building for a 15 inch screen, and an 11 inch screen, and a 4 inch screen, and so on. Creating excellent user experiences for different platforms is really hard (ODOJ has a responsive design that should look great on any device, but it took a lot of work). Usablenet is a company that makes the process a lot easier. They’re based in New York, NY, and they offer “the leading technological platform for transforming and optimizing web content.” What does that mean? They ” ensure that [their] clients’ websites are as highly usable and functional on all mobile devices, apps, kiosks, and other constrained environments as they are when viewed on a desktop.”

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I just looked at ODOJ’s stats, and there is no single browser that accounts for much more than a quarter of the traffic. The top 6 make up 98% of traffic, but that’s just browsers. We haven’t talked about which device or screen size. When you look at all the possible combinations, it can be overwhelming. Yet you can’t ignore mobile, or tablets, or anything else or you are going to lose business. Usablenet makes sure that some of the world’s biggest brands are able to maximize revenue by offering excellent usability on all platforms. They serve 25% of the Fortune 1000, and their clients include Amtrak, FedEx, JC Penney, Hyatt, Marriott, American Airlines, Cigna, and lots more. There’s nearly a 100% chance that you’ve used a site that was made more usable by Usablenet. If you want to see what they actually do for clients, take a look at Usablenet’s Case Studies. Like what you see? head over to Usablenet’s Internships page. Right now they’re looking for a interns in Creative Services, Finance, and Solutions Engineering. They don’t say whether the positions are paid or not, but they look pretty awesome.

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