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We’re not big on gossip here, but judging by the way tv news covers celebrities most people are. Since we’re much more interested in Silicon Valley startups than Britney Spears, when we do follow the gossip, it’s usually on sites like Valleywag. A member of the Gawker media empire, Valleywag calls itself “Silicon Valley’s tech gossip rag.” Clearly they know that they’re working every day to make the world a better place.

Intern, Minion, Same Thing

We could write a long post about Valleywag and all the awful/great stories they’ve written, but you really should just check them out for yourself. Actually, we’ll recommend two of their posts because they are relevant to the subject matter. First, they exposed a bank intern for claiming he had a “family emergency” when he was dressing up as a fairy (wings and all) at a Halloween party. Second, they put out a list of tech’s 10 worst entry-level jobs. The list includes a few internships, so it might be entertaining for you (don’t take it too seriously).

Anyway, Valleywag is hiring a Summer Minion (intern) in their Bay Area office. They’re looking for someone who is familiar with newsreaders and blogging software. There is a “modest stipend.” They want a resume and the URL of your blog (yes, you should probably already be blogging if you apply) sent to This is a big improvement from the internship that they offered 2 years ago, as they now have an office and compensate their interns financially. You can also see whom they hired 2 years ago to get a sense of whether or not you have what it takes. We can’t promise that this internship will give you lots of “real world” experience, but it will certainly be interesting.

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