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As I’ve spent more time with the annual Inc. 5000 lists, I’ve noticed quite a few trends. Some carry on from year to year (companies that land government contracts grow really fast), while others are more fleeting. One trend that is continuing to gain strength is the growth in the advertising industry-especially for companies that focus on data and optimization. Videology is a perfect example. They’re a Baltimore, MD based company that has developed “a video advertising technology that works across all video screens to connect brands with those consumers they most want to reach” (“all screens” is definitely a buzzword/trend now). This platform has led the company to #136 on the Inc. list with 2,727% three-year growth and $137.5 million in revenue. Four-digit growth is so much more impressive when it leads eight and nine-digit revenue.

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There are essentially two components to advertising: creative and delivery. Videology works entirely on the delivery side. In other words they have “developed a digital pathway that delivers what an audience needs to see–when and where they need to see it.” It’s all based on data, math, and science. There are tons of companies with similar offerings, but Videology must have some special sauce to drive the kind of financial results that they’re seeing. To take a deeper dive into what they do, I highly recommend watching the video on their home page (a company with their name has to have a video on their home page). It’s a little dry (guys in suits talking), but it’s a good overview of the business. If you watched the full three minutes and thirty-three seconds of that video, head over to Videology’s Careers page. There aren’t any internships posted at the moment (but that’s typical for early September). I know they’ve had past interns in Business Operations, Optimization, Engineering, Product Management, and a few other areas.

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