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by on September 14, 2012

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It’s a great time to be a sports fan. The pennant races have already heated up in baseball, and football is here. If there’s ever a time to go to a live, outdoor sporting event, it has to be now while the weather is still beautiful. I usually go to StubHub for tickets, but I’ve been tempted to use a new site called Vivid Seats. They’re a Chicago, IL based company that aims to “to reinvent the ticket purchasing experience.” Beyond sports, they also offer tickets for concerts, theater, and more. While I’ve generally been happy with the StubHub experience in that I can get the tickets that I want for a good price, but the user interface is terrible and the add-on fees seem exorbitant. I haven’t had the chance to try Vivid Seats, but from what it sounds like, the offer a superior ticket buying experience and a total cost that “is almost always the lowest on the web.”

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Having access to a transparent secondary market for tickets has completely changed my approach to buying tickets. It used to be that you either had to buy direct from the box office, buy from some sketchy guy on the corner, or buy from a licensed ticket broker. I swore off ticket brokers at age 11 (showed up to my first Yankees playoff game and the lady didn’t have the tickets), and though I’ve had luck with sketchy guys (2nd row behind the dugout at a Rockies game for $10), I’d rather know for sure that my tickets are going to be legit. Vivid Seats offers a “100% Buyer Guarantee” that protects you from nearly anything that could go wrong. They also have an extremely in-depth FAQ that shows how much attention they pay to detail. If you love live events and want to work at Vivid Seats to help more people have a better experience buying tickets, check out the company’s Careers page. They have some fantastic internship opportunities in Digital Marketing and Sales right now. I can’t tell if the positions are paid, but there are some “college jobs” like Ticket Sales Agent that are definitely paid.
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